The UK Customs Academy has been developed at the request of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to support the development of a robust and sustainable customs intermediaries sector of the future, through investing in quality training and learning, up-skilling more people and making learning opportunities more flexible and accessible to all.

To this end, the UK Customs Academy has been developed by KGH Customs Services UK in collaboration with the Institute of Export & International Trade and the Centre for Customs & Excise Studies. It has been made possible through Treasury and HMRC investment in training provision in this area.

Resource for customs professionals

As it develops, the UK Customs Academy will become an essential resource for industry professionals, which offers leading-edge training and education as well as a unique range of individual and business membership benefits to support the profession, providing invaluable business resources, advice on industry best practice, and a virtual community for a range of industry professionals. Indeed, it has the potential to become an institute of which industry professionals are proud to be a member, and to which companies direct new entrants into the profession to provide them with the highest quality training available.

We believe that the Academy will also become the ‘go-to’ institution for traders who are seeking to identify a qualified customs intermediary by way of a publicly available register on which Academy members may elect to be listed.

Qualifications and courses

The qualifications being offered by the Academy provide practical progression routes, encourage new entrants into the sector and further provide credibility in the profession through CPD.

The Customs Academy represents a learning ecosystem for the Customs profession that is capable of supporting individual and corporate members across different organisations with a lifelong learning journey. At the core of the Academy is a world-first professional programme that caters for the full spectrum of knowledge and skill requirements – from school leavers through to experienced professionals.

A general overview of the programme design is shown in the following diagram, which highlights the modular structure and articulation of our courses. This allows the learner to access those modules that are of particular relevance to their professional area of interest and level of development without the need to undertake a formal qualification. However, having successfully completed a series of modules, the learner will be granted credit towards one or more qualifications, should they wish to formalise their learning journey.

We recognise previous qualifications and industry experience

All UK Customs Academy courses are designed to complement training courses that learners have previously completed, as well as previous industry experience.

Consequently applicants may apply for exemptions from specific modules based on evidence of learning arising from industry experience and related study or training, even though it may not have been formally accredited.

For example, an experienced Customs broker who can demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge in relation to tariff classification will not be required to undertake a module that teaches the subject matter at the level of competence that they have already achieved.

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