UCC Navigator

UCC Navigator is a highly sophisticated online tool that enables you to navigate the complexity of EU customs law with ease.

It has been specially designed to be used in conjunction with our Level 3 Certificate in Customs Compliance, Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Customs Compliance and Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Customs Compliance. While it is freely available while you are studying these courses, it is also available for everyday usage by customs professionals.

A one-year user licence can be purchased for £250 and a two-year user licence for £350.

Whether you are a trading company, government authority, industry association, service provider or consultant, there are substantial benefits to be gained.

UCC Navigator is continually updated to reflect the latest amendments in EU customs law. It is extremely user-friendly and allows you to:

  • Navigate the EU Customs law with ease
  • Receive a visual overview of legislative linkages via interactive infographics
  • Click on articles in the graphics to navigate linked articles of legislation, or simply hover over them for more information
  • Instantly see how articles influence and are influenced by related legislation
  • Instantly locate topics covered by the legislation
  • Conduct searches and view legislation in 23 EU languages
  • Switch between languages on any search or content page
  • Access your search results in the context in which they appear in the legislation

Following the introduction of the Union Customs Code, the public and private sectors have been looking for a smart way to navigate the complexity of the UCC, which must be read in conjunction with the Delegated Act, the Transitional Delegated Act and the Implementing Act to gain a proper understanding and interpretation of the legal provisions.

This task is greatly simplified with our interactive web-based learning tool, UCC Navigator, which has been developed by the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies at Australia’s Charles Sturt University.

Avoid the struggle of manual research, vastly increase your efficiency and mitigate the significant risk of overlooking interrelated provisions, non-compliance, penalties and unplanned interruptions to trade.

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