lucy masters testimonial
Lucy Masters
Imports & Exports Compliance Manager, Co-op
Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award

"It’s good that it’s done in bitesize chunks so you can explore specific topics and then can come back to it later and easily review what you learnt. You take tests as you go along which encourages you to ensure that the knowledge properly sinks in. It starts at a good level too – it doesn’t require you to have loads of expertise beforehand as you can start from a beginner’s level."

lisa meikle testimonial
Lisa Meikle
Customs & Logistics Clerk, W Knight Watson & Co Ltd
Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award

"I enjoyed studying with the Customs Academy – I found the website easy to work with and the coursework easy to follow. I particularly liked checking my understanding with the end of unit tests and the fact incorrect answers are shown and explained to help you learn further."

kevin stockwell original
Kevin Stockwell
UK Logistics Manager at Motorola Solutions
Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award

"Certainly been worth while, it's great, I can swap between devices and I am not tied to my laptop. Onto Level 3!"

Damien Benbow
Logistics Supervisor at ADSN Solutions Ltd
Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award

"I signed up for the course to gain a better understanding of my organization’s responsibilities post Brexit and to also gain knowledge in customs policies and procedures. The level 2 Customs Practice and Procedure award definitely delivered what I was hoping for and more! I feel a lot more knowledgeable in customs policies and procedures and I am confident we can keep our business moving forward after Brexit."

Carole Carrie
Administration Manager at STAR-Dundee Ltd
Level 2 Customs Practice & Procedure Award

"I have really enjoyed studying with the Customs Academy and have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding, although I am still in the early stages. I have found it very beneficial starting at the basics, with Level 2, as although I have hands on Customs experience through my job, I find that studying at the same time has provided a much clearer picture of the correct procedures and guidelines. I definitely feel I have a much better understanding of the subject, which has often caused me some confusion”

Lee Round
Lee Round
GAC Services (UK) Limited – Customs & Fiscal Services Manager

At GAC UK we are fully-supportive of the new training provided by The UK Customs Academy. We have made it mandatory for all our staff and new-starters involved in the customs process to complete all the main core level training.

The courses are well-presented, mixing in a variety of media to keep the learning engaging, whilst being relevant and highly detailed. The added bonus of course participants receiving a supplementary 1-year UCC Navigator subscription means that once a course is completed, users have ready-access to an extremely powerful resource library, an essential toolkit for every Customs professional.

The UK Customs Academy has become a strategic partner for GAC UK as we prepare to come out of the transitional period and enter a new era of trade with our neighbours in mainland Europe.

Woodside Global – Customs Clearance
Lyn Fry
Woodside Global – Customs Clearance

I have recently completed your Level 2 & Level 3 courses. I thoroughly enjoyed them & learned a lot from them. I have considerable Customs experience from a previous Customs role in a large aerospace firm, but this gave me a superb wider view of the laws & regulations behind our Customs legislation.

Goce Sokoloski
Goce Sokoloski

Brilliant learning platform. I joined the UK Customs Academy last year to refresh and update my knowledge in customs processes. Holding the Bachelor diploma for Customs and Freight Forwarding acquired at the university in my birth country Macedonia as my background I felt the need in expanding the knowledge base and getting closer understanding on the UK Customs legislative and processes.

As I didn't have option to use the Government grant because I wasn't working for a company in the customs sector at the time- I decided to invest in myself and started with the UK Customs Academy courses.

Completed Levels 2 and 3 and received the Certificate in Customs Compliance with grade Distinction.

Shortly after that I got accepted for a role as a Customs and Trade Advisor on the NI Protocol in the Trader Support Service project run by HMRC. The knowledge and practice I had during the courses helped me a lot to progress towards my desired occupation and I am very grateful for the opportunity presented by the creators of this amazing online learning platform. Additional great thing is the digital badge from Acclaim that you will receive after completing the course- it can be used on many platforms and even on the CV as a relevant verification of your certificates and gained skills.

During my time at the Academy I also had a full support of the respected instructors and customs professionals being there for me to assist and answer any questions I had.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone considering a career in this sector and also to the ones already in- to expand and improve their knowledge even more.

Paul Arnold
Customs Clearance Operator – Redhead International

An excellent and invaluable course, very detailed and very thorough. The knowledge I have gained from it has already helped me more times that I can remember.

Some parts are quite straightforward, but some of course take a lot more time to study and adsorb. Whilst different people will pick up different parts more to others the advantage of this course is that you can go back and review the material at your own pace, and as many time as necessary before that tricky section you were struggling with finally “sinks in”.

On top of that the fact that there are online tutors available to assist you with any questions means that just adds to the value.

Not a course you can study whilst you are at work, you will need a separate space, separate time, and no distractions in order to fully take in and understand everything that is available. It is a lot of work, but once it is done you will have a range of knowledge that will not only be invaluable but will set you apart from others within the industry.

I don’t know where else it would be possible to learn this information contained here, and so I have no doubt that the Customs Academy will become the industry standard for Customs professionals in the future.

Karina Almeida

I have been working on Customs Operations for over 10 years but in a different country. I have completed the Level 2 - Customs Practice & Procedure Award and it was a great course, full of crucial information to understand customs processes and the importance of compliance on International Trade operation. The learning plan has a complete and straightforward approach. I am now looking forward to completing the Level 3 - Certificate in Customs Compliance.

Tulip International Trade Consultancy
Jacqui Tulip
Managing Director, Tulip International Trade Consultancy

I enjoyed the course immensely and thought it offered some excellent practical guidance. In particular the sections on rules of origin, customs declarations and classification stand out and cover invaluable knowledge required by anyone involved in international trade.

Nicola Forrester

Personally I found the course fantastic! It was well laid out, very informative and interactive. It was split down into bite size sections so I did not feel overloaded with information and key points of information were repeated throughout the course but in different ways which helped with understanding the whole process and help retain the information.

Andrea Bailey
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist, Deputy Security Controller, 3M

I thought the course was excellent, very well laid out and you can do it at your own pace. I liked the knowledge checkers at the end of each section. I preferred this type of course rather than courses where there are lots of assignments. I think this type of course is more suitable for the type of work the student will encounter in a customs environment and it gives the student a chance to put it into practice throughout the learning. The UK Customs Academy courses are more practical courses and I would recommend them to anyone who is involved in international trade in particular those working in a customs environment.

Krisztina Popovics-Fogel
Krisztina Popovics-Fogel
Customs Compliance Manager - Customs Brokerage Department at Bulk Tainer Logistics Ltd
Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Customs Compliance

The idea of launching UK Customs Academy to prepare industry for post Brexit times is an incredible project and thanks to the academy the industry is boosted by many new accredited customs professionals who helped many companies to get through Brexit with less bumpy road and smoother processes.

Quality of education at UKCA is absolutely amazing and tutors’ support is at the best possible standard.

In fact I am so honoured and I am so lucky that it was confirmed by UK Customs Academy I was The First person ever completed Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Customs Compliance at UKCA, it is so special.

The UKCA gave me great boost in my career. Academy provided best possible tools for students, for myself, to be able to develop and progress further as customs professional upon completion of the qualification.

I couldn’t do this all without my employer Bulk Tainer Logistics who supported me in all possible ways in order for me complete this qualification.

Due to high standard of education at UKCA, we, Bulk Tainer Logistics, have made it mandatory for each team member at our Customs Brokerage Department to complete Customs Qualifications at UKCA to ensure we provide high quality of service to our customers.

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